Friday, May 30, 2014

Fans brand Davido "LIAR" For Saying "3 years ago, He had no car"

So, Davido shared his the photo above and said 3 years ago, they had no cars..As usual,while a few hailed him, many found it hard to believe .They wondered how possible it is to be Omo Baba Olowo and not have a

It's very possible he had no car....not all parents spoil their kids with luxury...

Is Pastor Oyakhilome Planning To Divorce His Wife?

May be yes, may be no, but all seems not to be well with the messengers of God. Pastor Chris’s wife, Mrs Anita Oyakhilome who heads their UK headquarters branch has not been seen in the church she pastors for months now and it has left a lot of people wondering what could have gone wrong. 

According to some of the church officials who had a meeting with pastor Chris when he flew to London said, even though the pastor wasn’t pleased with what was going on in the house of God (UK headquarters) that he feels his wife thinks she is more superior than a lot of leaders in the church which isn’t supposed to be so, and has started displaying it in her ways.

Passengers panic as Emirates slashes Dubai-bound flights

Nigerian passengers heading for Dubai have had to make alternative arrangements to arrive at their destination by making connecting flights through Abu Dhabi and other destinations in the Middle East following a recent announcement that Emirates Airlines had cancelled one of its twice-daily flights to Dubai.

Emirates Airlines originally operated one flight per day from Nigeria to Dubai, but increased the frequency to two in response to an upsurge in passenger number.

Don’t “Play Public Relations Propaganda” With Chibok Girls, Obasanjo Warns Military

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday evening in an interview on Channels Tv has warned the Nigerian military not to “play Public Relations propaganda” with the abduction of the over 200 missing school girls from Chibok. He says any information given out by the military or any other authorised body is taken seriously by the parents and so they need to mind what they say.

PHOTOS: Maheeda Goes stark naked again WARNING: (25+ ONLY)


You all have missed her right...Checkout her latest photos below..The photo above is beautiful..More artistic and reminds me of Rihanna..(+55)

16-Year Old Boy Murders Parents Because They Seized His iPhone

16 year old Vincent Parker pleaded guilty yesterday to murdering his parents Carol and Wayne Parker last December. The boy says that there was no specific fight that prompted the brutal MURDER. The sadistic killer told authorities, 'I just remember getting mad,' Parker told the court. 'It's all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.'

The story gets worse. Vincent was an only child being raised by his hard working parents Carol, 57, and father Wayne, 55, in their Norfolk, Virginia home. They did everything right - they lived in a good neighborhood, and helped Vincent become an honor roll student.

Man And His Mother Die While Searching For Phone Inside Toilet

BEIJING (AFP) – A man and his mother both died trying to retrieve his wife’s new mobile phone from a toilet septic tank in China, reports said Friday, with four other people also entering the cesspit.

The woman dropped her new device — worth 2,000 yuan ($320) — in the open-pit toilet, reported Dahe, a web portal run by the Henan provincial government.

BREAKING NEWS: Boko Haram Kidnaps Two Prominent Emirs in Borno state

According to breaking news report by Premium Times, Boko Haram men this morning kidnapped 2 first class traditional rulers in Borno State - the Emir of Uba, Ismaila Mamza and the Emir of Gwoza, Idrisa Timta.

According to security officials who spoke with Premium Times, the emirs were seized by the gunmen around 10a.m today Friday May 30th near Shaffa while they were traveling to Gombe to attend the funeral of the Emir of Gombe, Shehu Abubakar, who died on Tuesday May 27th. (pictured above)

The Borno state government is yet to issue an official statement on the abduction.

First Photo of Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death and The Baby She Delivered in Prison

This is the first picture of Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for apostasy, from inside the prison where she's being held. In this pic, Meriam carries her new born baby girl Maya, who was born this week in prison. Her legs were reportedly chained as she gave birth in prison. the 27 year old has been in prison for eight months now and is awaiting execution for doing nothing but marrying a Christian man. Right is Meriam's husband, Daniel Wani, with the new baby.

Former Oyo Governor, Ladoja, Loses Son in fatal auto crash in Lagos

One of the sons of former Oyo State governor, Rasheed Ladoja, died yesterday Thursday May 29th in a fatal auto accident on Eko Bridge.

Adebola Ladoja, who was driving a Volkswagen Golf car, was heading towards Lagos Island around 3.30pm when a DAF truck said to be on top speed lost control, rammed into the median of the bridge and then rammed into his car, crushing it and killing Adebola on the spot.

President Jonathan offers amnesty to Boko Haram

The Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Boni Haruna today May 29th revealed plans by President Jonathan to grant amnesty to members of Boko Haram once they lay down their arms and embrace peace. The Minister revealed this while speaking this morning at the national Democracy Day programme tagged A day with young leaders of Nigeria.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West looking glum during honeymoon in Ireland

The newlyweds were spotted leaving a cinema after watching a movie during their honeymoon in Ireland yesterday. They were both dressed in black and tried to go unnoticed but other movie-goers noticed them with one later tweeting "Kim and Kanye are having the weirdest honeymoon like they went to the cinema in Portlaoise??'

Where's the honeymoon bliss though? The couple are planning to have a short honeymoon though as they both due to attend a friend's wedding in LA this weekend.

Lupita obtains rights for film version of Chimamanda 's Americanah

Actress Lupita Nyong'o has optained rights for the film version of Americanah. Chimamanda Adichie apparently confirmed it today during a Stylist magazine book session in London.

2face Idibia can't take his eyes off his woman

2face Idibia photographed checking out his wife of over a year and lover of over 15 years, Annie Idibia, as they partied with friends yesterday.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to buy Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion

Sterlings to sell Clippers to former Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer for $2 billion

Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer won a frenetic bidding war for ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers, with his $2-billion offer setting a record price for an NBA team, The Times has learned.

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