Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo: Witch Allegedly Found in a Compound in Uyo


I believe in ghosts...I'm not so sure of witches...hehe. I know they exist, don't get me wrong, but I just don't like to think about their existence and I don't believe half the stories I hear about witches. Anyway, according to a LIB reader who sent in the photos and story, a 'witch' was found in his compound in the early hours of yesterday morning. Below is how he tells the story

At about 1:30am, the caretaker in my compound screamed for help and we went out only to see an old witch in their kitchen sweeping the floor when all the doors of the kitchen had been locked the night before. She appeared in there obviously. 

They quickly tied her up with rope and put her in the middle of the compound. When they started flogging her with broom, she started screaming and confessed. She said they were many but they left her behind and begged us not to kill her. When they asked her who sent her, she refused to talk. From 1.30am to 5am, she refused to talk. 

They wanted to burn her alive but the landlord would not allow it. The woman lived not so far from our compound so they took her to her house where she lives with her son who is not doing well in life. You will find attached pictures and a video...

I have the video but don't know how to attach to blogger. Anyway, I'm thinking if she lives around the area, she probably went to the house to steal or something? Or some of u think she's really a witch?

Culled from Linda Ikeji Blog 

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