Sunday, June 22, 2014

Heartbreaking: Couple Drown in River as Onlookers Film & Laugh Without Helping (PHOTOS)

In a shocking footage, a Romanian couple drowned while people laughed and filmed them, doing nothing to help.

The incident which happened over the weekend saw 47-year-old Calin Neagu and his 45-year-old wife Dana trying to cross over the rain-swollen Jiu river in southern Romania.They were in two carts being dragged by a horse when the current was too high for the horse to cope and the horse struggling to drag the load across the river, came to a halt.A fisherman watching rushed to help them by beating the horse hoping it would move them before the current swept them away but it didn't budge ..

As the three of them struggled to stay balanced, an unknown group filmed the incident, finding it funny.A voice was heard saying

"She is drowning man. Haha.'..Another adds,'Are they drowned man?'.After the couple finally sink into the water, the final words of the people filming the video are:

'Man, where are they?' Local police said that divers recovered the couple's bodies from the water several hours later, and are now investigating their deaths.The fisherman who entered the water to help the couple survived , as did the horse

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