Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Police Tells Father Whose 11-Year Old Daughter Was Raped in Ogun That "She Enjoyed It"

An aggrieved father whose daughter was defiled five years ago by her school’s proprietor,alleged that a DPO said his daughter (the victim) would have enjoyed being raped.On June,19 ,2014,Mr. Danwanu Moses father reported that his daughter now 16,was raped by the proprietor when she was 11 but his claims were laughed off..Now he wrote a petition to the Ogun State Commissioner for Education, dated Friday, June 20, 2014.Part of the petition obtained by Punch reads..

“The police will not act to protect girls. Their failure to protect the girl-child, especially in the villages is a disgrace to Nigeria in the eyes of the world.I took my daughter to the local police and appealed to them to arrest and prosecute this man but they dismissed me and said there was no evidence and the DPO in front of my daughter said she would have enjoyed it anyway.

This is the most disgusting behavior of the police in response to a very serious crime with long lasting psychological damage on the victim.

My daughter and the other girls who have been abused by the proprietor deserve justice; they deserve to go to school without fear of harm, without having to be faced by the man who raped and defiled them.I beseech you to please help me find justice and secure the safety of my daughter and the girls in my village.””

He says the school proprietor took advantage of his closeness to him (the father) to commit the act and that the daughter could not tell anybody because she had been threatened not to tell anyone.

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