Monday, November 25, 2013

Husbands Allowing Pastor To Have SEX With Their Wives

Several husbands belonging to Zanu PF primary elections candidate for Mabvuku-Tafara and RMG Independent End Time Message church, Robert Gumbura, have continually allowed their pastor to have sex with their wives, an administrative court established on Thursday.

Gumbura who had been exposed allegedly sexually abusing his flock and dabbling in pornography which he was caught in possession of, is currently in prison awaiting trial.
An Administrative court has since banned the church from conducting meetings on fear that the same husbands would continue to allow the continuation of the illicit sexual acts deemed ‘Satanic.’

To date more than a dozen women have testified with evidence how using his position Gumbura abused them sexually at times through rape.

Speaking at a Press conference where the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) announced a ban of Gumbura’s church. The investigating officer, Superintendent Ndabezinhle Moyo said that some members were still afraid of disclosing their own ordeals.

Rape charges, Satanism…Pastor Gumbura

“It’s difficult to say (the exact number of all abused women) because we are dealing with those that have volunteered to come. Some might have been abused and they are not opening up because they are bound by the church doctrine. So far, we have quite a number of people who volunteered, about 10 or so. The matter is still under investigation,” Moyo said.

ACCZ president Archbishop Johannes Ndanga said its preliminary investigations have established that both married and single women were abused at the bishop’s whim and the church showed “Satanic leanings”.

Ndanga stated, “there is also clear evidence of acts of Satanism because the church was actually agreeable to the actions of their bishop and up to this time they are still defending him and they believe he was acting on behalf of the Lord Almighty,”

He said the committee watched videos of church services in which Gumbura claimed to be God and told congregants that if he told them to eat human flesh, they should do so because it was a divine directive.

“Each time he raped married women, he said it was God blessing their marriages. Even the men whose wives were raped are still members of the church. They still believe what happened to their wives was by the order of God,” he said.

Meanwhile Archbishop Ndanga has banned RMG church meetings saying access to the premises is now prohibited and church members are no longer allowed to conduct meetings of any kind.

The artistry of Pastor Gumbura in brainwashing his flock is reminiscent of that of David Koresh of the Branch Davidians whose 76 members died in a standoff with Police in Waco in 1993. Like Gumbura, Koresh too sexually assaulted some of his followers including children as young as 10years old.

ZimEye will keep you updated as the case unfolds.

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