Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cosmopolitan tags "Nigerian Bride Price Calculator" Horrifying & Sexist"

Yesterday, I saw this Nigerian Bride calculator trending all over..Even Alibaba said...

Some peeps will be setting their bride price at millions... When they should even be doing sales... Going by who we know them to be, guys should be getting like 70% discount. ..So, visited the site and decided to calculate my worth..Found the options very funny .eg..They ask you if you are dark,fair,or whitenicious..Well, my worth was like 880,000 naira. Premium babe things

However, Cosmopolitan or should I say a writer,Frank Kobola at cosmopolitan calls it "Horrifying & sexiest..Common where's their sense of humour? Anyway read it ...

"Do you sometimes wish you knew just how much you're worth to potential husbands? Do you wish you could have an actual monetary value placed on you? Do you wish it was based on the standards and guidelines of forced marriage in Nigeria? Bride Price is the website you’ve been waiting for, and also you’re probably the only person waiting for this website.

Bride Price asks you a few basic questions and then lets you know how much you’d be worth if any potential suitors come knocking (via Meme Burn). Users can choose if they'd like to answer questions on their own behalf, or for a friend/enemy (“How much would I be worth to a Nigerian suitor? Asking for a friend”) before facing a handful of questions based primarily on height, weight, leg shape — one of the potential answers is “Sexy bow legs (BeyoncĂ©)” — and whether or not your beauty is anywhere from “Fine & intimidating” or “Complete no try.” Don’t worry, the site will also ask you about your highest level of education and if you can cook. (If you want to game the system, say you're uneducated, because you actually lose points for having a Ph.D.) After that, it willcalculate your score.

For the record, I got NGN 440,000 (or about $2,700) because at no point did the site think to ask me if I am a man with a full beard. It also told me I am a “Premium Babe! Your wife material is 100 yards of cord lace,” which I suppose is a compliment.

The site would be horrifying coming from anyone, but it’s registered to Anakle, a Nigerian design company, who claims it’s meant to be a joke commenting on Nigerian social life. Maybe I'd have more of a sense of humor about it if, you know, child brides being sold weren’t something that is tragically real in Nigeria."Terry tha Rapman is one of those who reacted to their article ...

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