Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet the World's Strongest Boys: Brothers aged 7 & 9 (PHOTOS)

Giuliano Stroe, aged nine(left) and his seven-year-old brother Claudiu(right) are said to be the world's strongest boys.

Their 35 year old father Iulian Stroe,who was determined to make his sons famous, put them through a gruelling two-hour regime each morning.However, his plan for the boys to find fame and fortune in Florence, Italy failed and they now make a living from scrap metal in Romania..

The brothers have been lifting weights since they were toddlers and Giuliano has already broken two world records for 90-degree vertical pushups and another holding on to a pole like a human flag.
Despite this, their father has been slammed for being cruel by expecting children these young to train so hard,lifting weights which most adults would have a hard time lifting.

Photos below....

Giuliano Stroe, nine,

Seven-year-old Claudiu

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