Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pregnancy Dilemma: He Wants Sex But I Feel Fat

"Should I just force myself and go along with the program for the next 4 months?"

An Essence reader writes in to talk about how her pregnancy turns her husband on and her off. Find out what Abiola Abrams advises her to do.

Dear Abiola,

I am five and a half months pregnant with my first child and I don’t want to have sex. My husband seems to find me sexier than ever but I feel fat, unattractive, and just not into it. I already didn’t like my body and now this pregnancy weight gain just made it worse. It also just doesn’t seem safe for the baby. I was kind of hoping that the doctor would give me a medical reason for us not to have sex but unfortunately my doc says we have a green light and it’s all systems go.

I don't want my husband's eye to start wandering so I've been forcing myself to have sex with him but then this leaves me feeling depressed for the whole week. Should I just force myself and go along with the program for the next four months until our daughter is born?


Fat Mommy-to-Be
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