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[MUST READ] Open letter to Mtn, Glo and Airtel - @BADDESTDJTIMMY

Dear Nigerian Telecommunication Companies,

I am not part of those people who will rather keep silent because they are anticipating your cheap free gifts or an endorsement from greedy and self centred telecommunication companies. Don’t reply this Letter to explain how much cost and salaries you claim to be incurring because we all know you are making excess profit from Nigeria. The nonsense you are doing here is what you cannot try in developed countries but what do you expect from a sleeping and corrupt government? #Shame

What do you think of telecommunication in Nigeria? Do you think the Price, Network and data plan is fair to the average Nigerian?

You might not know this fact but I can assure you that telecommunication companies in Nigeria (Mtn,Glo,Airtel,Etisalat and co) are ripping us off. They are so greedy and they definitely don’t care about us that is why they prefer to maximize profits and use promotions, adverts, endorsements and music concerts to deceive us.

They know we don’t have any better choice, the Nigerian Communication Commission is on their payroll so they have the green light to treat us just the way they like.

Honestly there Is no difference between Internet fraudsters and these telecommunication companies, if you don’t believe then allow me expose their scams

To start with,remember when Sim cards was first introduced in Nigeria? How much were they selling it? It was as much as N70,000. Now they sell it for N100 and most people even own more than one. What does this tell you? They intentionally made owning a sim card seem like a privilege and something only for the rich. They started reducing the price gradually, made billions of naira and still made Nigerians think they were doing us a huge favor. Now even beggars own a phone. Yes or No? That is the attitude of a criminal.

If you calculate the amount we spend on calls in a month, do you know it is well over N10,000? So on the average, if we buy N200 recharge card per day multiplied it by 30 days in a month, it equals N6,000. Why can’t you just create a plan for us where we can pay N3,000 per month for unlimited Local calls (Not international calls) , text messages and internet plan. You can still be selling recharge/ top up cards by the side definitely and I know thousands of people reading this can afford it. This service won’t make u have a loss. Afterall Glo boss Dr Mike Adenuga could afford to give over 400 guest who came to his party a $10,000 “thank you for coming” envelope.
Nigeria is an unsafe place now where we cannot afford to be out of reach, so many people have lost their life to ritualist killing,kidnappers and robbers just because they could not call for help due to the fact that they were out of call credit.

We don’t want “Borrow me Credit” facility,let those who can afford it pay for the special plan of unlimited calls, Text and Data Bundle. Be fair, everyone deserves to be online, this is year 2014.

It has come to our notice that several companies send us random messages to participate in a promo or introduce us to a product. How did Samsung, Indomie, Nestlé, Vijumilk,konga nd co have my private number? The only explanation to that is our criminal minded companies sell our phone numbers to other multi national companies so they can send us bulk text messages .They even go further to call us with a computer generated voice to advertise. Airtel sends me 5 text messages everyday claiming that I have N500,000 insurance in my hands. Since when did it become compulsory to participate in a promo? That is another attitude of a fraudster if u ask me

We have a right to privacy and you must respect that ! If u want to introduce your product to us, pay us to listen to your story,hire marketers or Go to the internet and pay bloggers to advertise your new products.

4. Unhealthy Rivalry and So on
Another important issue is the unnecessary rivalalry With your competitors. Calling from MTN to GLO is like calling an international number. The same applies to all other network.The money you splash on your already wealthy millionaire Brand ambassadors can be used to upgrade your software and hardware to the latest versions. On so many occasions our credit will disappear and we just have to ignore it because we get tired of all the 30 customer care representative telling us to call back in 15min. Mtn is fond of stealing people’s credit, the only difference between u and armed robbers is that u have not started using guns. Femi Odegbaro loaded N400, he was owing N100 andMTN wiped out everything. What if he was in an emergency like an asthmatic attack and he had to call someone to assist him? Victor olawale loaded N2,500 to his modem and he could only use it for Facebook. The complains are endless.

Our Demand
Are you going to Listen to us and give us packages we can afford? Are u going to still enrich your millionaire brand ambassadors and ignore upcoming musicians,comedians and fresh talents who need your help and support the most?

Do u agree or think I am wrong? Then send your comments to @Baddestdjtimmy‎

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