Friday, May 16, 2014

How I Was RAPED BY MY BOSS....Blog Visitor Narrative.

Blog visitor says

''I graduated from school four years ago and with the hardship in the Country I couldn't secure a job. So you can imagine my Joy when I was offered a job in a Human Resource Company. The salary is nothing to write about (N30,000) but the boredom was growing stronger everyday I accepted it.

The first time I saw him (my boss ) he looked responsible may be because he's running for a senatorial position,that thought stopped when he started making serious sexual advances, sending Randy text messages to me at work of how he wants to have sex with me. He even suggested he wanted a quickie in his Office. I turned down all his advances and I guess it made him desperate because he started offering me huge sums to get into my pants. I debunked all his requests.

On a Monday morning, I was already carrying out my duties when my colleague came to me with some documents that needs to be treated by my so called Boss immediately.

I was told to bring the files to him in Cherry Plaza, Maryland. On arriving at the plaza my boss told me to meet him at A hotel and I should hurry up because he's already late for a meeting.

Immediately I entered the room, he pushed me so hard on the bed and I struggled with everything inside of me, I begged him, I cried, I even tore his clothes, kicked his balls but noooo he was bent on taking me. I GOT RAPED!!! 

When he had his fill, he came of me and said I should come along with him to a car shop to pick any car of my choice, I picked my shoes and ran out.

What should I do? Do I report him to the Police because I still have evidence of his text messages or should I count it as my loss and continue working for him or better still accept the car and leave the office? Please advise me I'm in pains and I still don't know if I've been infected with any disease.
Help! Help! Help''

*when he asked you to meet him at the hotel,were you excited?why didnt you refuse?IT WAS RAPE RIGHT?YOU SAID NO RIGHT?

*Continue working for him?it was rape right?you said NO RIGHT?

*Accept the car after the rape?are you crazy?YOU SAID NO TO THE SEX RIGHT?
if you accept the car,what next?
you are still in pains but your line of thoughts is confusing..I am sorry honey but i cannot offer any advise,i only have a million questions so i would say....''work with your conscience''.

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