Friday, June 27, 2014

Confusion Over Apapa Explosion, As Police, State Fire Service, Journalists Contradict Each Other (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

There has been confusion ever since an explosion rocked Folawiyo axis of Creek Road, Apapa in Lagos Wednesday night.

Residents are of the opinion that it was a bomb blast as opposed the Police claim that a tanker carrying fuel burst into flames in the area while led to the loud sound. The Director of the State Fire Service was also contacted by journalists and he said the explosion wasn't a bomb blast but a gas explosion, a report which contradicts that of the Police.

However some journalists and residents of Apapa say they won’t let the government deceive them because it was clear that what happened was a bomb blast and not a gas explosion or a fuel tanker bursting into flames.

One Adaobi a staff of the company whose building was affected by the blast spoke to Vanguard saying, she still can’t come to terms with the fact that insurgency is now at her doorsteps.

“I cannot believe what I have seen today. I have been thinking that all these bombings and killings occurring in the northern part of the country, which I read about in the papers, will never get to the south.

“I have never thought that Boko Haram, whose aim, I think, is to create an Islamic Caliphate in the entire northern Nigeria, would ever come to the south. But what I have seen today is shocking.

“When I looked at my office building, I discovered that the glasses on the entire building were destroyed by the blast and I wondered where we are heading to”, she said.

Even though Vanguard didn't directly say it wasn't a gas explosion or a fuel tanker bursting into flames, they made it clear that it was a car bomb blast.

Another journalist who goes by the name Fejiro Oliver and blogs at with the Facebook ID Fejiro Oliver says it was a clear case of a suicide bomber and a female carried out the task. His tweets and Facebook report below;

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